Because water is a scarce resource, we take care of it

➡️ Our Mission

Our Mission is to impact global health and well-being by making water more accessible, cleaner, and safer to use for plants, animals, and human beings.

➡️ Our visions

Reduce water scarcity by providing cutting-edge water purification solutions that help in purifying groundwater, water flowing through old piping systems, and wastewater prior to discharge or reuse.

➡️ The Problem

The global water challenge is one of the most pressing issues of our time. With over 2 billion people lacking access to safe drinking water and more than 4 billion people lacking access to adequate sanitation, the need for innovative solutions is greater than ever. Even in countries with sufficient water supply, aging water distribution systems and piping pose a challenge to water security and supply.

Providing Innovative Solutions for Clean and Safe Water

According to the United Nations, water scarcity is an increasing problem on every continent and demands exceeding supply. We need to reduce losses from water distribution systems, use groundwater sustainably and make wastewater reusable in order to survive and adapt to climate change and meet the needs of a growing population. 

Many water sources have impurities that affect their quality and suitability for various uses, such as drinking, irrigation, and industrial processes. Depending on the type and concentration of the impurities, they can pose health risks, harm aquatic life, and cause problems with water treatment and distribution systems. As a result, controlling and monitoring impurities in water is an important aspect of water management and environmental protection.

➡️ Our Solution

DabV is a revolutionary device that utilizes piezoelectricity and sound waves to improve water quality and remove impurities such as pathogens, microorganisms, and organic matter.

The device is Norwegian-made smart technology that is 100% energy and environmentally friendly, requires no electrical installation or filter, is easy to assemble onto existing water piping and storage, and is easily portable. It is based on over 10 years of patented research and development. 


  • Does not require electricity, battery, or filters.
  • 100% energy and environmentally friendly.
  • The units are mobile and easy to transport.
  • Reduces the need for chemicals such as Chlorine in water systems, eliminating the famous ‘chlorine smell or taste’ in water.
  • Robust design with a solid construction and no moving parts.
  • 5 years guaranteed effect.
  • Simple installation without the need of a plumber.
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