Every home should have a DabV

Mountain fresh, Clean Water !

DabV is a novel technology that uses sound to split aggregated water clusters.  This brings water to a condition well suited for animals and humans, and less suited for pathogen bacteria”

Norwegian Invention

Innovative Technology
That Works


  • removes harmful bacteria
  • dissolves limescale in hard water
  • gives mountain fresh taste of water
  • smooth feeling when drinking



No External power supply is needed



The most economy-friendly water improvement system is when:

  • there is no need for professional help for installation
  • there is no running cost
  • there is no need for maintenance
  • one item can be used for all your water improvement needs
  • the item is small and light

Water softening by DabV


Water disinfection

In the nature

In the nature

Water naturally aggregates
in stagnated water.
Waterfall splits
the aggregated water clusters.

By DabV

Group 82

Stagnated water in water distribution systems causes water aggregation.
DabV splits aggregated water clusters.


DabV splits aggregated water clusters

This results in water optimized for animals,
humans and energy transfer in the circle of life


Sound vs electromagnetic vibration
for water improvements

“Electromagnetic vibration is the movements of a mass-less particle, where visible light and ultraviolet light (UV) are different parts of the spectrum.

Water is often disinfected by UV filters.

Light does not travel well though dark materials, therefor UV radiation does not work efficiently in water with organic material and other pollutants”

DabV gives sound outside human’s perceptions.
Sound travels well through
water with organic material and
other pollutants like a chain reaction:
one particle transforms vibration
into another particle

DabV utilizes the natural
water vibration.
No external
power supply is needed.

Dabv Resized

DabV – high quality water​ for you and for your animals

Dabv Resized
dabv-akvariet resized

DabV for sailboats and caravans

Fresh water for weeks

No power supply is needed


How We Do It

  • NWorks without electricity, battery or filter
  • N100% energy and environmentally friendly
  • NSmart technology with Norwegian origins
  • NThe units are mobile and easy to move

About Us

More Than Water

Developed by a Norwegian inventor and produced in Norway. Based on more than 10 years of research and development.

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