The DabV has a wide range of application areas from drinking water to aquarium maintenance. Wherever water improvement is needed the DabV unit can be of service.


Water quality has a significant impact on human health through many parts of our daily lives. Clean water enables a better health, but unfortunately many people around the world lack access to clean water.

The challenges with our water can be many such as bacteria, pollution, and solids. DabV can help protect you against this, and improve the water you use with a simple one-time installation at you main waterpipe into your house. No plumbing or electrical work needed. Just install it and forget about it and it will work for +10 years.


All animals from cats and dogs to horses and cows can benefit from improved water quality with the DabV technology. Testing and experience show that the animals prefer DabV treated water, and even drink more water when treated with DabV. Even aquarium fish prefer the DabV water in their aquariums as proven by increased life span and healthier appearance.


The DabV unit has a wide range of application areas for plants. From preserving your table décor bouquet of flowers to watering of fields of vegetables enhancing growth conditions. Improved DabV water has a great effect on all plants.


Water is a key component in many industrialized processes, and hence the water quality may have a significant impact on the result of the process. DabV treated water has demonstrated significant positive impact on multiple industry processes such as fish farming, wastewater treatment, swimming pool water maintenance, large scale heat exchanger maintenance needs and multiple others.

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