Calcification – water hardness

Calcification – Water Hardness

Grounds rich in the minerals calcium and magnesium releases these ions into the water. The mineral ions bind to carbonate causing calcium-carbonate precipitation (water hardness).

Calcification can cause esthetic challenges, but also far more serious operational challenges with critical equipment (MacAdam and Javis 2015). 

Such challenges may cause significant operational financial losses because of damaged heaters, energy loss, overheating, clogged piping, and damage to electrical equipment.

By installing DabV outside the water pipe the calcification is significantly reduced.

Project removal of lime in water pipes (click here)

The expected change will depend on the initial severity of the calcification problem.

MacAdam and Jarvis 2015. Water-Formed Scales and Deposits: Types, Characteristics, and Relevant Industries. Mineral Scales and Deposit, Scientific and Technological Approaches, Chapter 1, 3-23.

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