DabV for sustainable aquarium

With DabV mounted on the outside of the glass, the aquarium has been left without being cleaned for almost 15 weeks, only with the replacement of a liter of water per week.

Apparently, there is an ecological balance in the water so that the small amounts of E. coli and coliform bacteria from the feces do not have a negative effect on the conditions in the water. Nor on the health and well-being of the fish.

Professor Emeritus Tor-Henning

Aquarium experiment using DabV mounted outside the glass of the aquarium
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With DabV attached to the water hose when water is filled in the water tank and/or attached to the water tank in the boat, the water stays fresh and good for weeks.


We installed a DabV water device in our plants shop in December and noticed how well my plants thrived. We watered some poinsettia with water from the town’s main and others from our installed DabV system, and the poinsettia watered with the DabV water looked lovelier...

Statement of water from WHO

Drinking Water“A drinking-water distribution system provides a habitat for microorganisms, which are sustained by organic and inorganic nutrients present on the pipe and in the conveyed water. A primary concern is therefore to prevent contamination from fecal material...

Give children water of high quality

Give children water of high quality​ The more water children drink, ​the less soft drink they consume (Manziki et al. 2017)​DabV improves the drinking quality of water.​Manziki et al. 2017. Water Consumption in European Children Associations with Intake of Fruit...

Bacteria control by DabV

Bacteria control by DabVWater contains different levels and types of bacteria. In most cases these are harmless bacteria at low levels. Unfortunately, harmful coliform bacteria such as E.coli and Salmonella may occur. These bacteria may...

Calcification – water hardness

Calcification - Water HardnessGrounds rich in the minerals calcium and magnesium releases these ions into the water. The mineral ions bind to carbonate causing calcium-carbonate precipitation (water hardness).​ Calcification can cause esthetic challenges, but also far...

Quality reduction in water distribution systems

It is estimated that 30% of people worldwide lack access to safe, readily available water at home. In Norway, we use to think that the water quality is very good. However, there is a major need to improve the water distribution systems. The Norwegian Institute of...
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