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How does the DabV work?

The DabV works by using smart technology with Norwegian origins to filter out harmful bacteria and other contaminants from your tap water. It does not require electricity or batteries, and it is 100% energy and environmentally friendly.

Is the DabV easy to install?

Yes, the DabV is very easy to install. It simply attaches to your water pipe, and it can be easily moved to different locations if needed.

Is the DabV environmentally friendly?

Yes, the DabV is environmentally friendly. It uses smart technology with Norwegian origins and is 100% energy and environmentally friendly. It works without electricity, battery or filter, making it a sustainable choice for your home.

Can I use the DabV in any type of water supply?

The DabV is designed to work with most standard water supply systems, but it’s always a good idea to double check your water pressure, water flow and type of water supply to make sure it will work for your specific needs.

How do I know when it's time to replace the filter?

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Does the DabV come with a warranty?

Yes, the DabV comes with a limited warranty. For more information, please consult the warranty information provided with the product or contact our customer support.

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