Redox and acid-base as a fundament for the circle of life


The transformation of energy from the sun by photosynthesis through the natural circles of life from plants to animals and back to the soil and to the plants involves chemical reactions with transfers of electrons and protons from one molecule to another. The transfers of electrons are redox processes, and the transfers of protons are acid-base reactions.

Appropriate redox and pH adjustment are needed at levels optimal for each step in this circle.

Since the shared Nobel prize in medicine/physiology that was given to Ignarroe, Murad, Furchgott in 1998 (https://www.nobelprize.org/prizes/medicine/1998/summary/) for their discoveries on the importance of redox molecules, redox has been strongly focused within scientific research.

In micron-droplets of natural running water, the natural splitting of water molecules to its ions (self-ionization) increases, which leads to the formation of active redox molecules that contribute to bacterial control. This process is limited when water is stagnated as in water distribution systems.

DabV utilizes the inherent energy in the water vibration, to produce sound outside the range of human’s perceptions, which is shown to contribute to balanced water quality, optimized for consumption by animals and humans, but detrimental to the growth of bacteria such as E.coli.

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