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Hello, my name is Ine Meidell.

I have had aquariums since I was 8 years old. Nine years ago, we bought a house in Spain. There was a fishing pond with carp. The pond had been neglected for many years since no one lived there for four years. We renovated the pond, put in new filters, and expanded the pond from being a small pond of 8 thousand liters to a large pond of 35 thousand liters

All the time we have had the pond there have had problems with the water quality. The fish could be seen well close to the surface, but as soon as the fish sank to slightly deeper water, they were almost invisible. The deepest point in the pond is almost 2 meters. As we can see now, there are no longer problems in seeing the fish.

Now we also have a lot of fry. We never had fry in the water before. In the past we could see the fish playing and there have been eggs, but we have never found fry at all. This year there are several hundred of fry, which are now approximately 5 cm in size.

The only difference we have made in the last year is that we have inserted a small DabV unit under the pump where the water where the speed is high. The fish are very active now, much more active than before. So active that, in fact, a fish jumped out of the pond.

These are big fish, between 40 and 70 cm, and we have 20 fish. This gives quite a lot of excrement. The fact that the water is so clear is absolutely incredible. We also see that the color of the fish is very beautiful now, much more than before.

I recommend this to anyone who has problems with their aquarium or pond. It is an investment that is undoubtedly worth it.

Good luck

The living unit

Lekvollhagen is a centre with a total of 50-60 children on relief, and 5 children living on the farm.

The farm has 7-8 horses.

We mounted an expensive large equipment to solve our calk problems 10 years ago to a cost of 50.000 NOK.
The total water consumption is large.
Now, the small DabV unit, mounted on the main water intake covers all our needs,
resulting in significantly better water quality than before.

  • The children appreciate the improved water quality.
  • The lime problem we had in the showers and on water taps is reduced.
  • The horses drink more because the water is “fresher”.
  • Before we had to clean the drinking tray to the horses daily because of the growth of algae.
    After mounting DabV this is no longer needed.

Arnstein Finstad

Bjørn Magnussen

DabV is a future-oriented technology. I can drink safe fresh water from the tap everywhere I travel to training sessions/competitions. The fact that it is also Norwegian produced means a lot to me, who wears the flag on my chest. I am passionate about this technology, and I see that it can contribute to providing safe water all over the world. (Bjørn Magnussen)

Bjørn Magnussen (born 2 January 1998) is a Norwegian sprint speed skater who participates in national and international speed skating competitions and represents Norway and Sports Club Falken.


Gyda Westvold Hansen

Gyda Westvold Hansen is a Norwegian combined runner who became the first ever women’s combined world champion when she won in Oberstdorf in 2021

«I am very pleased with DabV.
After I got DabV I can run heavy sessions, without getting dehydrated between sessions.
Now, I drink a lot more water instead of Coke”

Gyda Westvold Hansen is a Norwegian combined runner who became the first ever women’s combined world champion when she won in Oberstdorf in 2021


Cornelius Tøndel

Cornelius Tøndel Norwegian motorcross athlete

“The water improved by DabV is so good that I drink more water without thinking about it”

Cornelius Tøndel Norwegian motorcross athlete

Arnstein Finstad

Arnstein Finstad

 “At home I have such good water from Steinkjer from Snåsa
– a water that is known for having good water in Norway –
But after I installed DabV, this water has become even better”

Arnstein Finstad
July 2022

The water from high-quality sources of drinking water is distributed through pipes which often reduces the quality.

DabV for Jacuzzi

“A DabV unit was mounted in the filtration chamber of the Jacuzzi, the scale disappeared from the water immediately, so the water became crystal clear. In less than a week, the limescale in the pipes was also gone.”

Øyvind Snopestad, 11.08.2021

Jacuzzi DabV


DabV.no focuses on the lowest possible use of resources at the greatest possible utility.

With the aim of solving water hardness problem, Espen Dalsbø, 2022 had previously invested in a large expensive equipment (photo to the left) with high running cost (the middle photo).

This could be replaced by just a small unit of DabV (the photo to the right) resulting in substantially improved effects.

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