The DabV is a handy-sized, travel-friendly water improvement unit you can bring anywhere. The unit is activated in proximity to water, transmitting sound to increase the self-ionization of water, resulting in the splitting of aggregated water clusters. This improves the water quality to a condition well suited for plants, animals, and humans, and less suited for pathogen bacteria.
Dabv utilizes piezoelectricity and sound waves to improve water quality and remove impurities. Piezoelectric and sound wave technologies have been shown to improve water quality by disrupting and removing impurities.

Research and Development


With the DabV water treatment, the water molecules are smaller and easier to absorb for the plants. This promotes growth and plant health. Irrigation systems are often susceptible to calcification and corrosion, both reduced by the DabV system.


The DabV system promotes a healthy ecosystem for aquaculture, promoting fish and aquatic life health by reducing the concentration of pathogens and impurities. The result is decreased mortality of marine life and enhanced health and welfare. The need for intervention and cleaning is reduced significantly.


The DabV system promotes a healthy ecosystem for aquaponics through the purification of the water and piping system in which the plants are growing. The need for intervention and cleaning is reduced significantly.

Ground water and Well intervention

Many water reservoirs (wells) have impurities that not only affect their quality and suitability for various uses, such as drinking, irrigation, and industrial processes but also impact the piping and pumping systems. The DabV system enhances the separation of solids that sink to the bottom of the well thus reducing the quantity of solid impurities that are pumped up. As a result, the well water quality is improved, and the life of the pipes and pumps is prolonged.
Calc in water is often a challenge, in particular in ground water. DabV reduces the calc problem in water, by dissolving the minerals from carbonate.

Industrial Wastewater Management

The DabV technology can be utilized in industrial wastewater treatment. Piezoelectricity and sound waves enhance the separation of solids, precipitated, and impurities from the wastewater hence improving the quality of the discharge water.

For more information on industrial wastewater treatment and cooperation, please contact us.

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